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Asset Hoshi is a modular system, meaning you can expand on its basic features using add-ons. For example, you can provide advanced search and filtering options, or enable your team to share images and videos with others. You can also analyze how popular a particular photo is or customize Asset Hoshi to match your company’s corporate design. The add-ons can be flexibly combined with each other and make Asset Hoshi even more versatile and useful than in the basic version. You simply get more out of your images and videos.

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Share images

Share images via email as zip archives. Learn More

Publish pictures

Share images via public link. Learn More

Individual image sizes

When uploading or downloading, various image sizes are automatically created, which you can then manage and share separately. Learn More

Show metadata

Allows metadata to be displayed in the detail view of an image. Learn More

Download counter

Check at a glance how many times an image has been downloaded. If individual image sizes are enabled, the add-on displays separate numbers for each image size.
Learn More

Individual email templates

Create and edit templates for emails to be sent automatically – for example, when a new folder is created, or an image’s license has expired.

Corporate Branding

Customize the user interface colors to match your company branding and replace the Asset Hoshi logo with your own. Learn More

Custom folder types and forms

Add custom information to each file, such as the photographer or intended use. Custom folder types even allow you to specify what information can be captured for media in different folders. For example, you can label stock photos differently than product photos.
Learn More

Activity log

Automatically log all server requests and keep track of who uploaded, deleted, or modified a file and see when the action was performed.
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AI tagging

Using AI, images are automatically tagged with keywords when they are uploaded. Of course, you can delete or change the tags at any time. Learn More

Geographical location

A map displays where your images were taken (only for images that have coordinates stored in the metadata).
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