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Asset Hoshi is available in three different packages. Think of it like a mobile phone contract: Depending on your requirements, you choose the package that suits you best. We will be happy to advise you if you are unsure. With each package, monthly or annual billing is possible. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll save 15 percent!

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Our basic functions

These functions are included in all basic packages.

Expandable memory at any time

Number of users can be expanded at any time

Upload and manage images (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif, .eps, .svg, .pdf und .webp)

Upload and manage videos (.mp4)

Single and batch upload

Create order with folders and tags

Fast search function

Deposit and edit image metadata

Access to our add-on library

Access from everywhere 1)

Access with PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone 2)

Rights & Roles

Hosting on European servers

Backup your data

Order data processing

Data protection compliant

Start small, with room to grow

To get started, for startups and small businesses.


Ideal if you want to start small after our trial period.

  • All basic functions
  • 3 plugins included
  • Guaranteed response time:
    4 working days
  • E-mail-Support
  • 25GB
  • 25User
  • 25€/Month
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Package Price Calculator

Use our package price calculator to determine the price of your package. In the first step you choose the scope of functions, in the second step the package size and in the third step you get the price overview.


Ideal for small businesses that mainly want to store and organize images.

  • All basic functions
  • 3 plugins included
  • Guaranteed response time:
    4 working days
  • E-mail support

1,00 €
Price per GB+User3)



For companies that want to get more out of image management.

  • All basic functions
  • 6 plugins included
  • Guaranteed response time:
    2 working days
  • Prioritized e-mail support
  • Migration tool
  • Interface (REST-API) for integration into existing IT

1,50 €
Price per GB+User3)



The right choice for companies that want to optimize their entire media management processes.

  • All basic functions
  • 11 plugins included
  • Guaranteed response time:
    1 working day
  • Prioritized e-mail support
  • Phone support
  • Migration tool
  • Interface (REST-API) for integration into existing IT
  • Any domain
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) with SAML or OpenID Connect

2,50 €
Price per GB+User3)


Total Price

You will get a 15% discount for a yearly payment

Still unsure?

If you still have questions regarding packages and prices, please feel free to contact us.

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1) Internet connection required.

2) Modern browser required.

3) The number indicates the total storage space (in GB) available and how many user accounts you can create. So for ‘200 GB+Users’ you can use 200 GB of storage as well as define up to 200 users. Subsequent upgrades are possible.

4) You get 15% discount for annual payment.